Web Content Management, Reconsidered

Introducing the BackpageCMS

BackpageCMS is a light, fast, intuitive and deeply extensible web content management system built from the ground up to help reduce your web presence burdens.

Building a blog? An online store? A massive property portal? All of the above? No problem! BackpageCMS is that feature packed!

Just Friendly

Backpage has been crafted to let you work to your strengths. Writers write, designers design and administrators ... administrate! We keep out of your way as much as possible, letting you achieve goals as painlessly as possible.

Regardless of role everyone has access to:

Notifications keep you abreast of what's happening as they happen, without adding to your cognitive burden.

Dashboard gives quick and easy access to aggregate metrics and statistics on everything from page views, to products sold, to comments received. All at the touch of an icon.

For the Word Smiths

Tweak, Save, Preview, Re-Tweak? Madness!

Why is this workflow deemed satisfactory in almost every web content management system? Why are we still satisfied typing in a narrow letterbox? Didn't word processors point the way almost a quarter of a century ago?

Manage Content as it will Appear!*

Why worry about how your content will display when you can already see how it displays. Take your time back from the numbing 'Tweak, Save, Preview, Tweak...' pattern.

For the Designers / Developers

Templating, any way you want!

Do you slice 'n dice in photoshop? Sculpt your layouts using Dreamweaver? A ninja hand coder? Notepad junkie? Or still using Microsoft frontpage? It doesn't matter to Backpage! Use the tools you enjoy to build your way!

From X to Online

Your design is ready courtesy of your tools of choice, now what? Simply drop in some BpTags where you want content to appear, paste, save, choose! But why talk about it when we can show you!


Manage your Users and their associated Roles with a tick of a box. Upgrades are as easy as visiting a URI. Backups are centralised and simples. You can even watch internal logging as it happens!


There are those in awe of a 5 minute installation process. We've offered a 2 minute install process on most platforms since day one!

Plugins for stuff. Also, things.

Everyone offers a robust plugin architecture these days, naturally we do too. But we've divided the labor in an interesting way! BpApps offer an easy way to deliver anything from a full e.commerce experience to simple form handling. BpTags give content contributors and template designers the ability to quickly add tiny, data and context aware sub-program's to their creations with ease.

What are they: BpApps

BpApps are full scale applications that can take advantage of Backpage's data, templating, caching, user management systems etc to provide something we may not provide out of the box. All of Backpage's main front-end functionality is delivered by these beasts and we've yet to find a scenario a module cannot provide for! We bundle over 20 with each installation, and there's many more to choose from!

What are they: BpTags

Need something smaller? Perhaps a personalised widget? Need it to appear in a template or two? Or perhaps it's something to add to your content contributors arsenal? BpTags perform that trick! Like modules, these drag and drop widgets can take advantage of the Backpage stack and are easily added to modules, templates and individual pages.

Other Important Stuff

Search engines friendly

We provide baked-in SEO tools and techniques right out of the box; from optimised titles and URIs, XML sitemaps, semantic microformats, all the way to metadata plugins to help hoist your site up those search engine result pages.

Universal Search

Data grids are a slow and painful way to find your content. Search isn't. Quickly find the page / product / property / user / group you wish to manage with a minimal of finger dancing!

Dashboard Widgets

Backpage users are provided with a set of dashboard widgets that offer easy access to reports, metrics, alerts (and a game or two!).

Responsive Design

We'll put our hands up and admit we don't automatically create a dedicated mobile version of your website that looks like everyone else's mobile website. We could, but decided not to. We think this is a good thing! Designers can easily add responsive designs, should they choose to and content contributors can take advantage of this by simply resizing their editor viewport.

When 'They' come...

We've met website owners who are petrified of their content becoming popular. Surely this should be a goal. But stories of the Digg Reddit effect are legion, and they feel their infrastructure will crumble if the waves hit. Backpage aggressively caches your content in memory dramatically reducing I/O and database usage, becoming the next best thing to memcache!

We're proud to have worked with



Backpage supports a wide swath of infrastructure, performing happily on low cost shared hosting, VPS, dedicated and distributed servers as long as they're running a version of Windows server >= 2000.


We're polyamorous when it comes to data stores, having been seen walking hand in hand with SQL Server, MySQL, Postgress, MariaDB, Oracle 9i and (even) Microsoft Access.

Now Growing

We're happy to share the news of a growing node.js version. Coming soon!